Frequently Asked Questions

Tradelines are accounts the belong to other people who have good credit. You can add a tradeline or tradelines to help you show better credit or higher credit limits or longer credit history. 

You do not gain access to the card or the credit.

You do not get the credit card to use.

Tips for selecting a tradeline

The increase of your credit score is different for everyone. Theres a few things you can do to help determine the benefits that you will receive.

  1. Higher limits and older aged tradelines correlate to bigger credit score increases.
  2. More older accounts make your file more solid.
  3. If you have nothing on your credit file, you must select something at least 6 months old to generate a credit score and avoid a thin file error.
  4. The fewer addresses you have on your credit report, the better. We can filter the list by address code to help you select lines from the same cardholder or we can help you with this one-on-one. Please contact Val or Mike directly if you want to do this. 
  5. All of our tradelines are under 30% unless otherwise noted in the comment section. All tradelines have a perfect payment history.
  6. If you have negative items on your credit report, this can offset the boost that you could get. You may need to have a credit sweep, which we provide, in order to get the maximum boost possible from tradeline(s). Tradelines are not a band-aid, they are an enhancement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions
The credit account will show up on your credit reports when it posts. The posting date is listed on the tradeline you purchase.

If a tradeline only posts on one credit bureau then I will refund you 50% of the cost or I can add another tradeline of equal value ASAP. 

I guarantee the tradeline to post on two of your credit reports. They generally post on all 3 but sometimes they only post on two. 
If a purchased tradeline does not appear when scheduled I give it an extra 30 days.  If it still doesn’t appear I give you the option to get a refund or we add a different tradeline of Equal or more value ASAP.
I have no idea how many points a tradeline will boost your credit scores. It can be boosted by 10 points or 100 points. There are too many factors involved to determine credit scores.  Credit scores are figuring, credit history, credit report age, balances, credit limits, payment history, inquiries etc etc. 
I have no program or system that will tell me how many points will be increased.
Tradelines stay open for 45 days once they post. After 45 days that will be closed and may or may not continue to post as a closed or terminated account. 
Once they close they can reduce your credit score, not back to the original score, but they do get reduced.